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chemical resistant pumps for corrosive and highly pure media
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Advantages of SCHMITT - Centrifugal pumps

SCHMITT - Centrifugal Pumps are implemented worldwide for wide ranging application areas. They have a reputation for excellent quality and provide highest functionality, reliability and economy.

Versatile Ranges of Application

  • Broad model spectrum for a variety of requirements due to many pump construction ranges and sizes, numerous materials to be chosen from, variable connection options and various installation positions for the pumps
  • Many materials and components are available from our warehouse, which enables an optimal and swift deployment of the pumps for most media and operating conditions
  • Isolated models where no metal parts are in contact with the media are available
  • Universally applicable, quiet and compact

High quality

  • Highest product quality through modern manufacturing methods and plants, use of high-quality materials and components as well as continuous control on the test bench
  • 100% check of the individual components and additional final inspection of finished pumps
  • The highest thermal and chemical resistance of pumps through an optimal adaptation of pumps to specific media to be pumped and operating conditions

Optimal Impeller and Housing Design

  • Long-lasting and wear-resistant through axle thrust compensation, i.e. no axial bearing load due to the self-centering impeller design
  • Optimal intake conditions through axial intake port and flow optimized impeller geometry
  • Modest installation dimensions, because pumps are designed in a building block system
  • Dry run safe within certain conditions 
  • Negative pressure tight or vacuum leak-proof through use of thick walls
  • Abrasion and contamination free, no abrasion particles could contaminate the medium to be pumped
  • Modest construction lengths


  • Energy efficient and powerful through a high degree of efficiency as well as through adaptability to individual operation conditions
  • Installation, maintenance and repair friendly through a low number of  components and a building block system
  • Balancing the load envelope of the pumps based on specific operating conditions by customizing impeller geometry, enabling economical operating ranges
  • Easy to clean housing and impeller design, through rounded edges


  • High operational and process safety through resistance against solids laden and gas penetrated transport liquids
  • Highest plant availability through continuous operational stability of the pumps
  • Long-lasting and low-maintenance through a robust, thick-walled design for operation under extreme conditions, durable design and use of high quality materials

Building Block System

  • Pumps consist only of a few components, which can alternatively be put together to create the different pump types in a building block system
  • Can be disassembled in only a few steps in a simple way and without any special tools
  • Fast adaptation to changed operating conditions through the convertibility and interchangeability of parts and components


  • Motors are selected to provide complete operating characteristics and performance curves
  • High-quality electric motors made in Germany
  • Available as explosion proof version for combustible environments (ATEX)