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Normal priming centrifugal pump: U series

  • Normal priming centrifugal pumps with a single mechanical seal
  • Material: PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)
  • Non-slip torque transfer
  • Particularly suitable for viscous or solid particle laden media to be pumped
  • Max. output rate: 500 l/min  (132 US-gpm)
  • Max. discharge head: 40 m (131 ft)
  • Motor power: 0.18 - 5.5 kW  (0.25 - 7.5 HP)


In the U Pump Series, the motor power is transmitted without slip directly to the pump impeller with a rigid shaft (no magnetic coupling). A mechanical seal prevents the leakage of the media to be pumped and ensures the leak proof sealing of the centrifugal pump.

Advantages of the U Pump Series:

  • also applicable for higher viscosities or metallic particles in the medium
  • the highest chemical resistance 
  • robust, thick-walled design 
  • low-maintenance through an optimal adaptation to the medium to be pumped 
  • long-lasting and wear resistant, various types of designs for almost all operating conditions
  • open impeller (i.e. solids up to 3 mm grain size and 10 Vol. % possible)
  • models are also available, where no metal parts are in contact with the medium
  • easy to maintain (wear parts and the mechanical seal can be changed swiftly)
  • universally applicable, quiet and compact
  • various chemical resistant materials can be supplied as stock items
  • available as explosion proof version for combustible environments (ATEX)

The U Pump Series is universally applicable. The design and manufacturing materials allow for optimization for many operating conditions and media to be pumped.

This results in application possibilities, amongst others, for the following application fields

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Filtration
  • Exhaust air scrubbers
  • Electro-plating technology
  • Environment engineering
  • Textile industry
  • Laboratory applications
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Purifying plants
  • Applications also for dirty and metallically contaminated media
  • Outer side set up with fluctuating viscosities


Materials and Components

  • Main material: Parts solid made of PVDF (up to +95 °C / 200 °F))
  • Elastomere alternatively made of FKM, EPDM, FEP or Kalrez®
  • Shafts are made of stainless steel or Hastelloy® C4
  • Mechanical seals made of PTFE, ceramic, carbon or SiC
  • Structure in the designs A, B and C: 
    • Design A: No metal parts in the pump are in contact with the medium. The impeller is equipped with a shaft sleeve. The face pressure is achieved with a thrust-collar-loaded mechanical seal.
    • Design B: The mechanical seal is spring-loaded. The impeller is equipped with a shaft sleeve. The spring is made of Hastelloy and in contact with the medium; however, the shaft is not.
    • Design C: The mechanical seal is spring-loaded. The impeller does not have a shaft sleeve. Simple, robust structure.
  • The metal parts that are in contact with the medium (shaft sleeve, impeller insert and locking nut) are available in stainless steel or Hastelloy. 
  • High-quality electric motors made in Germany
  • Also available with a double mechanical seal (U-DO series)

Material details

  • PVDF: Polyvinylidene Fluoride, Pure, milky white, not colored (up to +95 °C)
  • FKM: Viton® quality, -20...+200 °C
  • EPDM: Ethylene propylene diene M-class rubber, food-safe (FDA, KTW, WRC), -40...+160 °C
  • FEP: Fluorinated ethylene propylene with Viton® or silicone core, -60…+200 °C
  • Kalrez®:  High performance elastomere up to +315 °C
  • PTFE:  Pure Teflon®, fiber glass or carbon fiber reinforced
  • SiC: Silicon carbide, without free silicon, sintered
  • Carbon: Carbon, impregnated with synthetic resin, food-safe
  • Stainless Steel: EN 1.4571 / AISI 316 Ti
  • Hastelloy C4: 2.4610
  • Ceramic: Highly pure AI2O3-ceramic 99,7%

Motor details

  • Standard Motors (stock items):
    • Three-phase motors: 230/400 V 3ph, 50 Hz, IP 55, insulation-class F or 277/480 V 60 Hz also with PTC thermistor
    • Alternating current motors: 230 V 1ph, 50/60 Hz, IP 55, Insulation class F
    •  Three-phase motors: spark arrested for combustible environments, explosion proof: EEx e II T3
  • Special design models (available):
    • Three-phase motors, explosion proof, flameproof enclosure, EEx de II CT4
    • Special voltages and frequencies
    • 2-, 4- and 8-pole
    • UL and CSA execution
    • Special protection types (e.g. IP 65)
    • High temperature designs
    • Special insulation classes (e.g. tropical insulations)
    • Multi area voltage (e.g. 220-290 / 380-500 V 50 Hz; 220-332 / 380-575 V 60 Hz.)
    • Additional designs upon request

Performance Data

Characteristics of the U 150 - U 210 Pump Series and the U 80 - U 130 Pump Series

U 150 - U 210 series

Max. output rate: 500 l/min  (132 US-gpm)

Max. discharge head: 40 m  (131 ft)

Motor power:

U 210: 5.50 kW  (7.5 HP)

U 190: 3.00 kW  (4.0 HP)

U 170: 2.20 kW  (3.0 HP)

U 150: 1.10 kW  (1.5 HP)

U 80 - U 130 Pump Series

Max. output rate: 145 l/min  (38 US-gpm)

Max. discharge head: 14 m  (46 ft)

Motor power:

U 130: 0.55 kW  (0.75 HP)

U 115: 0.25 kW  (0.35 HP)

U 100: 0.18 kW  (0.25 HP)

  U 80: 0.18 kW  (0.25 HP)


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