Vertikale Kreiselpumpe Kunststoff T

T Series

These durable and chemically resistant vertical plastic immersion pumps work in the standard version without seals and up to 95 °C. Optionally also available with shaft seal as vapour barrier.

The T series features a vertical shaft extension that directly drives the impeller. The rotating shaft runs completely contact- and abrasion-free inside the housing (“cantilever” design). This design concept eliminates the need for shaft seals and additional bearings. more ...

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Special features of the T Series

  • Absolutely dry run safe because of contact-free shaft and impeller rotation
  • No abrasion into the fluid, therefore well-suited for high-purity applications
  • Maintenance-free operation as no wearing parts such as slide bearings or mechanical seals


  • Absolutely dry run safe because of contact-free shaft and impeller rotation
  • Maintenance-free operation as no wearing parts such as slide bearings or mechanical seals
  • Available with extension tubes in different lenghts to individually adjust the immersion depth
  • Available with inlet strainer to prevent rough dirt and objects from entering the pump housing
  • All wetted parts made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant plastics (PVDF or PP)
  • Threaded connections (ISO 228-1) as standard
  • Optionally available with flange connections (from size 130)
  • Universally applicable, low-noise and compact close-coupled design
  • Corrosion resistant motor finish

Fields of application

Installation in return vessels, tank tops, container lids, pump sumps, etc. Delivery of acids, bases, lye or other corrosive liquids. Useful in applications, where dry running of the pump cannot be prevented at times.


For example in the following applications:

  • Plating and surface coating
  • Semiconductor technology and solar cell production
  • PCB and electronics manufacturing
  • Wastewater and fresh water treatment
  • Laboratory equipment and medical technology
  • Emission controls and gas scrubbers
  • Battery production and energy storage
  • High-purity applications, demineralized water, ultrapure water


Pump housing / wet end: PVDF, PP

Elastomers: FKM, EPDM, FEP, FFKM


Operating conditions

  • Max. flow rate: up to 18 m³/h
  • Max. delivery head: up to 28 m
  • Liquid temperature: -5 to 95 °C (PVDF), resp. 0 to 80 °C (PP)
  • Ambient temperature: -10 to 40 °C, higher temperatures on request
  • Pumps can be adapted to high-density liquids (up to 2.0)
  • T series pumps can run dry for unlimited time (except special versions with shaft seals)


Standard motors (available from stock)

  • Three-phase motors: D230 / Y400 V-3ph @ 50 Hz, D265 / Y460 V-3ph @ 60 Hz, IP 55, Ins.-Cl. F, also with PTC
  • All motors from 0.75 kW have energy efficiency class IE3
  • Single-phase motors (up to 1.1 kW: 230 V-1ph, 50 / 60 Hz, IP 55, Isol.-Kl. F)
  • ATEX-certified motors (temperature rating T3)

Special motors (available on request, for example)

  • Special voltages and frequencies · ATEX-certified motors (temperature rating T4)
  • Three-phase motors with integrated drive / frequency converter
  • Four-pole motors with 1450 rpm @ 50 Hz / 1650 rpm @ 60 Hz
  • UL- and CSA-certified motors
  • Special types of protection, e.g. IP 65
  • Special insulation classes, e.g. tropical insulation
  • Multi-voltage, e.g. D220–290 / Y380–500 V, 50 Hz; D220–332 / Y380–575 V, 60 Hz
  • Direct-current motors (DC or BLDC)
Vertikale Kreiselpumpe Kunststoff T
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